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Monday, June 8, 2009

Titanic China Patterns

This Greek Key Pattern was used in 1st Class, possibly in either the Cafe Perisian, or in the A La Carte Restaurant. It is unknown what room it was served in, but this type of china was used on the Titanic, for we have found this pattern in the debris field.

This Gothic Pattern was also used for the 1st Class Passengers in their Dining Saloon.

This was the most famous china on the Titanic. It was one of the many 1st Class china patterns, and was used in the Dining Saloon. The Dining Saloon could seat 554 people, so they had a lot of plates, saucers, and cups of that design. It was Wisteria, and had turquoise and gold in the pattern. It was one of the most intricate and beautiful pattern on the ship. It was also used in the Veranda Cafe.

This china is unknown to as to it's original room. It is generally thought that it belonged to the Perisian Cafe, but that is yet to be proved. As far I know, there have been no china in the debris field found, of that pattern.

Here are two examples of 2nd Class China. It was in the Delft Style, and was the only style used in 2nd Class. It was also known as the Flow Blue, and I myself was able to obtain an exact reproduction. It has blue flowers around the edges, along with a band of blue that has intersecting Xs. It also had leaves around it as seen in the two photographs.

3rd Class had possibly two china patterns. Both were white with the White Star Line logo in the exact center. However, it is believed that there was a set of china that had a gold rim around it. This has not been proved, since no china with a gold rim has been found.


Anonymous said...

Excellent overview with good pics and info. Thanks!

Thomas. said...

The White pattern with gold rim isn't for the sue of 3rd class but for 1st class when takeing tea on promenade or boat deck you can tell this because the china is porcelain and the White star logo uses 2 colours in the middle