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Wednesday, April 15, 3012

Welcome Aboard the Titanic Gazette!

The TITANIC was a ship; a ship of life, and a ship of death. A ship of dreams and a ship of luxury. The most famous and beautiful ship of all time. The largest ship in the world sailing in grandeur. A masterpiece of skill, architecture, and wealth. The safest ship in the world TITANIC with 2,000 staterooms and over 50 public rooms carrying 2,200 on board struck an iceberg God-made and sank with 1,500 innocent souls still on board. Thus the TITANIC, soon to be a thing of yesterday's fame and glory, went down into immortality. And there it shall remain in the hearts and minds of future generations. Here, you'll be able to explore the ship and meet the people that were on board.

I thank you for visiting this site in commemoration to those on board, and I hope you leave a comment on how I can improve or what I can add to this blog. Furthermore, please link your blog to mine. I wish that everyone knows the true stories about this disaster, and about the 'Ship of Dreams'.

For those of you on Facebook, feel free to join my Titanic Gazette fanpage:

http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=104185012946518 For those that have inquired about my ebooks/unit studies on the Titanic, I have 2 of them. One is a FULL version and can last over a year long period. It covers every single thing you can think of about the Titanic and has activities, books and info for everyone, but for schools, K-12. Here's the link to download it: Titanic Full version. For those not wanting to spend as much of an indepth time as the full version, can use the "mini" version that can be done over a period of several weeks. Here's that link: Titanic Mini Unit


Southern Belle said...

You are doing a GREAT job big man! We love you and are proud of you!

Mommy and Daddy!

Frontiersman said...

This blog looks real good. You have done a lot of work. Keep it up.

Southern Belle said...

Thanks, come back again and hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

I happened across your site & found it to be very nice indeed. We who have ties to the Titanic are always encouraged to see something that others are doing to preserve her memory & those who were aboard her on her fateful voyage.
I am currently co-ordinating a Titanic Dinner Cruise to be held this coming April 25 in Detroit Michigan. I am striving for it to be a grand event for all our guests. Some are dressing in period attire & other are coming casual. It is not a formal affair this year but it is getting quite alot of attention.
I have met wonderful people such as Helen Benziger(the great granddaughter on Margaret Tobin- Brown & Capt. Lowell Lytle who is a professional actor who impersonates Capt. EJ Smith throughout the world. Unfortunatley we are not able to enlist these wonderful people on our cruise this year (hopefully next year) but we do have VC King, International author of Titanic: Relative Fate & Capt. David G. Brown who is also an renown author of White Hurricane, The Last Log of the Titanic & 3 documentaries that have been aired on the History Channel, as well as a nephew of the 140th person to be recovered from the icy waters of the Atlantic & a Titanic Movie Memorabilia collector Latleen Marcaccio.
I have been very blessed to have met all these wonderful people on this exciting Titanic journey that is taking me to parts unknown. I am learning alot on the journey & hope that it will continue as I do plan to host these cruises well past the 100 year anniversary.
My best to you.
Margaret (Maggie) Brown-Micoff

Southern Belle said...

Thank you for that comment Margaret, that was very thoughtful and I wish you luck on that cruise. I'm glad that you want to preserve the memory of those that died on this wonderful ship.

Cioara Andrei said...

Foarte interesant subiectul postat de tine. M-am uitat pe blogul tau si imi place ce am vazut.Cu siguranta am sa il mai vizitez.
O zi buna!

adyluv said...

truely an informative blog. enjoyed reading it and will surely be back. visit my blog and feel free to comment or criticise. nice job.

Anonymous said...

hi my name is emma braund i just found out that my family was on this gr8t ship lewis and owen braund i wondin if you could find out more about them as your so good at this if not it is fine e.mail me on fluffyemmy88@hotmail.com

Peggy Wirgau said...

Hello, I am a published author and have written a not-yet-published novel based on the story of twelve-year-old Ruth Becker, a Titanic survivor. My blog focuses mostly on Titanic information, especially its passengers and crew. I'd love to connect with you!