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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Raise the TITANIC

The Raise the Titanic movie was filmed in 1980; 7 years before the real finding of the TITANIC. I have only seen a section of the movie but I will tell you it has a ton of language and I advise you not to watch it. What happens is that there's a rare mineral to make bombs had gone down with the wreck and they raise it. There's no regard for the lost lives on board nor does it show respect for the ship being a graveyard. Although I believe Mr. Cussler to be a respected ship historian and author, the book was terrible with language.

Thank you for your time and I am open to any addition to this review


Jenna said...

Just as an FYI it's Cussler not Clusser. :) The book had not great language...it's been a while, plus some other issues. I bought it because of my love for the Titanic and enjoying his other books, but doubt I'd read it again.
Nice site btw - way better than my Titanic site (or any of my other ones).

Southern Belle said...

Thanks for the corrections. I will correct them. I actually forgot the reviews and bought it with the same motives you had. It was terrible. Your site has a much nicer design though.