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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Twin Towers and the TITANIC

Now, there's some similarities with the 9/11 attacks and the TITANIC that I'd like to point out. First, both were massive, and were the prides of millions. For the twin towers, they were the prides of not only the TITANIC's destination; New York city, but they were also some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. The TITANIC was the figure not of New York, and not of England where her home was, but of the sea. The two disasters shook the world. While thousands of workers and employees were falling off the roof or windows, the people on the TITANIC jumped from her decks and ropes. As the airplane rammed into the North Tower that fateful morning at 9 A.M., the TITANIC struck an iceberg at 11:30 P.M. These both ended up shaking the very foundations of this earth. Over 2,600 died in the 2001 disaster, which is more than the TITANIC could even have, which was a little over 2,200. In both tragedies, there's also heroes and heroine. The firefighters that went in and saved so many lives, remind me of the stokers and engineers that stayed in the bowels of the sinking ship, keeping the power going so that others could escape, even though they were ordered to abandon their posts. Although some firefighters lived, no engineers that kept the power going, survived. The security officers that stayed back, and got most of the people out of the building in time, reminds me of the bellboys and stewards that went around and made sure that everyone was up on deck, and then didn't save themselves until the ship was gone, or if they were ordered into a lifeboat. We usually don't get these heroes, and men of these virtues anymore. Now I don't think you'll ever have to go through such an ordeal as 9/11, or the TITANIC. But, I'll bet most never expected to be in the predicaments mentioned. What would you do on the TITANIC, if you knew that the ship was sinking and you heard someone behind locked gates from steerage, and 29 degree water was creeping up, filling your shoes? What would you do if you were racing down the steps, and you heard someone crying out for help, and the place could come down at any minute? You might want to think about it.

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Jeff said...

Hi Joshua!
This is Hannah Grace Estes, From S.C.
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In Christ alone,
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