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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Titanic Aquatic

(A model of the wreck in the middle of the lobby)

/> (Me with a replicated telemotor in the lobby)

Titanic Aquatic 1

Titanic Aquatic 2

For my birthday, my parents took me to the Georgia Aquarium, where they had an exhibit, called "Titanic Aquatic". We entered, and the first thing we saw was one of the bollards, from the stern. I could almost see people hitting the bollards, with the stern vertical. Then, we saw things that were used to build the ship. You then went to the next room, where there was the recreation of a 1st class cabin. It was nice, however the panels weren't exactly correct, and the china on the table wasn't White Star Line. They had a sink that came from one of the cabins, and you could almost hear the water running and someone's hands reaching in there. They also had currency from the wreck that were arabic and english. In the next room, there was china from 1st and 2nd class. Then, they had 3rd class china. In the next room, they had a replicated 3rd class corridor, with a replicated 3rd class cabin. In the next room, they had pots and pans from the kitchen. The room after that had a place where you could try to steer the ship from the iceberg. On the other wall, they had an iceberg that was the same temperature, as the water. I don't think I would've lasted more than 10-15 minutes. However, some died immediately while others died within half an hour. The next room had plates in the way they were on the sea bed, and other things. One wall had quotes from the survivors, describing the sinking. They had a model in front of the Titanic sinking and little lifeboats, in the gel that looked like water. The next place was a hallway where you saw the Titanic in 1912 on one side, and the Titanic in 1985 when Robert Ballard discovered on the other side. The last room had clothes that were in trunks, and are almost perfectly preserved. They also had personal items such as Major Peuchen's calling card, that they found in his wallet and spectacles that belonged to someone on board. One the other side were the stories of those on board that were from Georgia, and perfume bottles from a passenger, of which still had their scent. On the last wall, they had a list of all the passengers that were on board, and you could use the boarding pass they gave you at the start to see whether you survived or not. I was 2nd class passenger Edward Giles, and he died. At the end, I bought a piece of coal recovered in the 1994 expedition and is the only artifact from the actual wreck site, that the law allows you to own due to the abundance of 40 tons of it. If you live near Georgia, or you're passing through Atlanta, you might want to consider going. It's pretty cool, but you need to go through it with great reverence for those that died on board.

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