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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Titanic Coins

Here is a 1912 penny. Although there were no commemoration coins from 1912 to the Titanic, they are still placed with pictures and have a sort of connections to the Titanic.

This is a commemorative coin from the Caicos Islands and is worth 20 crowns. It is from 1998 and has Queen Elizabeth II.

This coin was from the Gilbert Islands near Australia. It is minted in 1998, and it is quite beautiful.

This coin is a Canadian Maple Leaf, and is made up of .9999 in silver. It is from 1998 and is worth 5 dollars there. The Titanic is located just beneath the Maple Leaf, and the estimates of coins minted, are about 26,000.

This one is less popular since it just recently came out, in 2005. It is from Liberia, and is to commemorate the 2000 expedition. It is worth 10 dollars there, and has a lion on the back. Inaccurately depicted, is the hole made by the iceberg looking like a gash not realizing that the hole(s) made by the iceberg never came out of the water, and that there were many holes along the side.

The coin above is from Somalia, and is quite collectible. It is made up of .999 silver, and is worth 5 dollars. They were only produced in 1998. Only 200 were produced in silver, and there are more that are made up of gold/bronze and cupro/nickel. The Somalia is the most famous and distributed Titanic coin today.

(Although I wish I do, I don't have any of these coins. I am a coin collector, and thought that this might interest those such as I who like coins and the Titanic. You can buy these on places like ebay.)


Blitz said...

The Somolian coin you show does not feature a "gash" made by the iceberg. The oval notch is made to hold the real piece of Titanic coal that was attached to the coins, and the placement is to show where in the ship the coal was located.

bbkallday1 said...

can someone help i have a silver hms titanic $5 coin republic of Liberia on one side and Edward Smith and titanic and life boat and iceberg i cant find it online can someone help

Anonymous said...

I also have a silver dollar that shows a sinking Titanic with the iceberg and the life boat. It has $5 on it and the opposite side says Republic of Liberia 2006