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Thursday, April 11, 2013

101 Years Ago Today: April 12

101 years ago today, Titanic arrived at her final port, Queenstown.  She took on mostly Steerage passengers including Daniel Buckley.  It is rumored that when some salesmen came on board to sell their goods, John Jacob Astor spent a good deal on some goods.  Some people disembarked here like Father Browne with his camera and some of the only known photographs of the Titanic interiors.  Like Cherbourg, the docks in Queenstown were too small for the Titanic and so a tender had to bring the passengers, cargo, and mail on board.  At the appointed time, Titanic left Queenstown.  It was the last time that Titanic and 1,496 people on board would see land again.


Unknown said...

Time to go back to those books, then, because Father Thomas Byles died on the Titanic. It was Father Francis Browne, SJ, who left the ship at Queenstown.

Southern Belle said...

Thank you. I didn't see the mistake until recently and haven't been able to correct it until now.