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Monday, April 14, 2014

A Great Loss: Ed Kamuda

These are the Kamudas in a screenshot from the 1997 film. 

Myself and Mr. Kamuda

Ed and Karen Kamuda

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of one of the greatest Titaniacs ever, Mr. Edward Kamuda.  Mr. Kamuda got interested in the Titanic film after seeing the 1953 film with Barbara Stanwyck and Clifton Webb.  After that, he started collecting Titanic memorabilia and writing to survivors.  He later got together with a few other people with the same interest in the Titanic and founded the Titanic Enthusiast Society.  He also published his first quarterly called the Marconigram.  Eventually, one of the survivors asked what there was about the Titanic to be enthusiastic about, so they changed the name to the Titanic Historical Society.  The Marconigram was changed to the Commutator due to the fact the Marconi company was still in business.  In the process, he collected many rare and valuable artifacts and opened up a museum in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts.  He's hosted numerous conventions of Titaniacs all over the United States and in England and France and inspired many young people to get interested in the Titanic.  He was instrumental in saving a piece of what got him started when he in the early 80s helped save, transport, and restore the large model used in the 1953 film.  In 1997, he and his wife were brought on as an extra on the set of the Cameron film. In September of 2013, I was blessed to go to the THS Convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee where I met Ed and his wife, Karen.  Ed was a kind, gentle soul that was someone that you couldn't help liking.  He would joke and laugh with everyone and was very approachable.  On April 13, 2014, midway during the Titanic anniversary week, he passed away.   His legacy is several generations of Titaniacs and more information than we would have without him.  The Titanic community owes him a greater debt than we can ever pay.

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