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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Titanic-Honor and Glory: A Game To Remember

Titanic: Honor and Glory can rightly be called one of the biggest and most ambitious attempts to recreate the Titanic's maiden voyage and sinking since James Cameron's 1997 Titanic film.  It is a video game being made by Tom Lynskey, Matt DeWinkeleer, and Kyle Hudak.  They have spent countless hours bringing the Titanic to life virtually, pouring over books, blueprints, accounts, and more.  
In the game, you will have two options much like Titanic: Adventure Out Of Time.  You can either do a "Explore Mode" or "Story Mode."  "Explore Mode" allows you to walk around the entire ship and explore nearly every room without any time limits or 1912 restrictions from going into other classes or sections.  "Story Mode" allows you to experience her voyage and sinking.  In "Story Mode," you are a fictional passenger named Owen Robert Morgan.  You are falsely accused of stealing the crown jewels when you had the misfortune of in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Your only lead about the actual perpetrator is that they are on the Titanic.  This is where the game begins.  You arrive in Southampton (most of which you will be able to explore) and board the Titanic as a 1st class passenger where you hope to find the real criminal and clear your name.  You spend the voyage looking for clues, interacting with historical passengers and crew, and exploring the ship.  After the Titanic strikes an iceberg, you have a choice.  You can either do as you wish, or you can try to follow along with the story and clear your name.  If you decide to go do your own thing, you will have many opportunities to experience history.  As the ship sinks in real time, you can sit on a deck bench and listen to the band playing, observing everything going on around you.  You could even go down below and help the engineers fight to delay the sinking with pumps and keep the power going. If you don't get into a lifeboat and end up in the water, you will have about as much time to get out of the water as the actual people did before hypothermia and exposure sets in.

To assist with the project, they have brought on world famous Titanic historians such as Ken Marschall, Steve Hall, and Parks Stephenson to consult on the physical details along with Bill Wormstedt, Tad Fitch, and others to consult on other details such as lifeboat launch times, crew shifts, and things that would be shown and heard in the game.  Yours truly is very honored to have contributed some information and details to the game as well. 

Regarding the characters, they will not be exaggerated or misrepresented,  In fact, actual descendants and relatives are being consulted.  As if that's not cool enough, Doug Willingham will be voicing his cousin, 1st class passenger Archibald Butt and Helen Benziger will be voicing her great-grandmother, Margaret Brown.  People in minority groups of the time such as Joseph Laroche (the only black man on board), and Masabumi Hosono (the only Japanese person on board) will be included.  

I can promise you that you won't be disappointed when you play the game.  Not only will you be able to have an authentic experience, you will learn things as well.  As I alluded to earlier, the team has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that every little detail is accurate.  The Grand Staircase for instance has been redone many times as more details come to light and is just now near completion because more details keep coming up.  The experts mentioned above have sent many research materials.  From Steve Hall, they have his books which go into great detail about the physical details of the ship.  From Ken Marschall (who has worked with James Cameron on his 1997 film and subsequent documentaries), they have received a care package with 500 physical photos and about 18 gbs of digital data.  

The game will be very realistic.  Using Unreal Engine 4, the team have been able to recreate the Titanic's interiors, exteriors, passengers, and crew in a believable way.  The models will be very detailed, allowing you to enjoy her beauty and get a good sense of what she looked like right down to the brush strokes on the walls.  

I highly recommend donating to this project to allow it continue to allow this dream to become a reality.  If you wish to donate, you can go to the link below for more details.  They need as much money as possible and every dollar counts.  
Also, please join their Facebook page here for updates:  https://www.facebook.com/TitanicHonorandGlory?fref=ts

Would you play this game?  What do you most look forward to seeing in the game?  Comment below and tell me what you think!  

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