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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Know Your Stuff ! 2

Q. In What Room was Lucian Smith when the Iceberg Struck in "Lucian Smith" ?

A. His Cabin

B. The Smoking Room

C. The Perisian Cafe

Q. What was the Children's Favorite Part of the Gymnasium in "Time For A Work Out" ?

A. The Electrical Camel

B. The Rowing Machines

C. The Stationary Bicycle

Q. What was the name of the ship seen by passengers on the TITANIC in The "Mystery Ship" ?

A. The Carpathia

B. The Olympic

C. The Californian

Q. In "George Widner," who said "Stick with the big ship and take a chance" ?

A. George Widner

B. Jack Thayer

C. Harry Widner

Q. In "The Turkish Baths," how much was a ticket for the Turkish Baths ?

A. 10 dollars

B. 1 penny

C. 1 dollar

Q. In "The TITANIC Photographer, who was the TITANIC photographer ?

A. Benjamin Guggenheim

B. Father Brown

C. Harry Widner

Q. Who spotted the iceberg in "The Lookout" ?

A. Thomas Andrews

B. Anna Youssef

C. Fredrick Fleet

Q. In "TITANIC Orphans," what was Louis M. Hoffman's real name ?

A. Edmond Natravil

B. Michel Natravil

C. Nice Natravil

Q. How many bottles of whiskey did Charles drink in " Charles Joughin"

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

Q. In "Dinner's Served," how many people could be in the 1st class Dining Room ?

A. 550

B. 552

C. 554

Q. Who died on the 52 anniversary of the sinking of the TITANIC at the age of 52 ?

A. Lillian Asplund

B. Barbara West Dainton

C. Lucy Carter

Q. In what class was the Library in "The Library" ?

A. 1st class

B. 2nd class

C. 3rd class

Q. What was the name of one of Dorothy Gibson's fellow passengers in "An Actress" ?

A. Fredrick Seward

B. Harrison Fisher

C. Mr. Brulatour

Q. How many anchors were there on the TITANIC in "Weighing Anchor" ?

A. 2

B. 6

C. 5

Q. What was the Countess of Rothes' real name in "The Countess of Rothes" ?

A. Lucy Leslie

B. Rose De Whitt

C. Lucile Duff Gordon

(To see the answers, look on the posts named and they will have them but be careful)

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