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Saturday, April 26, 2008

TITANIC myths 2

Myths 1,2,and 3: At the store, have you seen this magazine that is in black and white called "World Weekly News? Well they say that they are the most reliable magazine but I say that's a big fat lie ! They say things like "TITANIC bodies found in ice" when the nearest ice was 2 miles away and the average person lasted 20 minutes. Another said "Baby found alive in life preserver wearing 1912 clothes" which is clearly a lie. They also say that the TITANIC was sunk by a giant fish but I say that's the biggest fish story I've ever heard !

Myth 4: Some people say that if the lookouts had binoculars, they would have seen the iceberg sooner and the TITANIC would have turned and missed the iceberg but through testing, binoculars would not have changed anything.

Myth 5: Gash in the hull- There was no 300 foot long gash; there were small holes where the steel plates had buckled.

Myth 6: Frank Tower- there is a legend of Frank Tower surviving the TITANIC, Lusitania, and Empress of Ireland but he appears in none of the lists of those aboard any of the ships when they sank. He is probably just an urban legend.

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