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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Robert Chisholm

Roderick (Robert) Chisholm was born in Dumbartonshire, Scotland in 1872 to James and Sophia Chisolm. His family later moved to Ireland where he married Susan Anderson in 1896. Together, they had two children. One was Alyce in 1897 and Jimmy in 1898. Robert was a draughtsman for Belfast and helped Thomas Andrews design the TITANIC and her lifeboats. He was later chosen to go on the Guarantee Group which is a group of the builders chosen by Thomas Andrews to assist him on the maiden voyage. They were to inspect and make notes to improve the ship. Before he left, he gave his two sons each a penny. His job was to monitor any problems the ship might have. He was in 1st class and when the TITANIC struck an iceberg, he and his fellow builders couldn't prevent the sinking and it was his lifeboat davit design that allowed the boats to be lowered quickly. He however, died that night and his body was never recovered. The pennies that he gave his children are still in the family.


Anonymous said...

When was he born?

colinberry1 said...

Are you related to Roderick Robert Crispin Chisholm in anyway, or no of his family?

Southern Belle said...

Anonymous, I don't know if you meant for me to correct myself, but I found that it was 1872. Thank you if that was your intention.

colinberry1, I'm not related directly to anybody who was on the ship as far as I know. I don't know any of his family members, but I believe he does have descendants living with things from him somewhere in Great Britain.

Unknown said...

The Roderick Chisholm (aka as Robert) was actually born in Dumbartonshire, Scotland. His parents were James and Sophia and they were living in Clydebank, Dumbartonshire in 1881. The family later moved to England. James was a shipwright. There was no such person as Roderick Robert Crispin Chisholm. A mistake was made on one of the manifests, but lined out and corrected when the list was consulted after the tragedy. I am a Chisholm, but not related to this Roderick. Our genealogical group just completed extensive research on Robert. He does have a descendant still living in Ireland.

Southern Belle said...

Thank you for pointing those things out. I'd like to make this blog as accurate as possible. If you see any more errors, please tell me. Thanks again.

flowerpower said...

I am related to the Chisholm's of Scotland and would like to know who the parents were of James and Sophia,and also would like to know the siblings of James Chisholm my email address is moodypooo@gmail.com
Thank you