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Monday, August 18, 2008

TITANIC Ice for Thought

Note: If these might sound like them, they're NOT jokes.

Q. Why was A Night to Remember (in most opinions) a little more accurate than Titanic from 1997?

A. Because A Night to Remember was made while most of the survivors were still alive, so they were able to track 98 of them down and interview them.

Q. Why did Wallace Hartley lead the band in playing "Nearer My God to Thee" as the TITANIC was sinking?

A. Because he actually had chosen the hymn to played at his own funeral.

Q. When Colonel Astor's body was found, it was covered by soot and crushed. What happened?

A. He was crushed by the 1st funnel when it collapsed and killed instantly.

Q. When one boy was saying what he saw, he said "I saw a man put something against his head. There was fire coming out and he fell into the water. What does this mean?

A. It was a suicide (either Capt. Smith, Chief officer Wilde, 1st officer Murdoch, or 4th officer Moody).

Q. Lawrence Beesely threw his pajamas into the boat that were over his shoulder the whole time he was walking around the ship. When he got into the boat, they were gone. What happened to them?

A. A passenger took them and used them to keep warm.

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