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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

God on the Titanic

(Pictured above is Thomas Byles.)

When people think about the Titanic, they think of tragedy, death, and a false love story. Some of you have heard of the infamous Lord's Prayer as the stern sank. It is true that that happened and it was led by father Thomas Byles whom led church service for 3rd class earlier that day. He was coming to America to do a wedding for an old friend. His body,(if recovered) was never identified.

(Pictured above is John Harper and his family.)

There was another man who died while glorifying God. His name was John Harper and he was a presbyterian minister from Ireland with one daughter. When John Harper was young,he fell into a well and nearly drowned. When he was in his 20s, he was on ship when it sank in the Mediterranean and was picked up by a lifeboat just in time. He later told Nan(his daughter) my favorite quote,"the fear of death never entered my mind for I knew that sudden death would be sudden glory." He was such a great speaker, that he was invited to speak at the D.L. Moody conference. He was so excited, that he got on the first ship which was the Titanic. Later, on the night of
April 14,1912 he brought his daughter to the window, pointed to the stars, and talked about her mother (his wife) being in heaven and how they were going to see her again saying," It will be a beautiful morning." After they were asleep, they were woken up by a steward and told to get on lifejackets and get in the lifeboats. Soon, Nan was in a lifeboat and John Harper started preaching
and urging others to be saved. He even cried "Let women and children and the unsaved
go first!" He gave his lifejacket to another woman and when the Titanic sank, he saw a man and said,"Art thou saved?! the man said "no" and John said "believe in the Lord
Jesus and you will be saved! And then he slipped beneath the waves. The man later said he was John Harper's last convert. Nan later married an evangelist and had children.

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