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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Dinner's Served"

Click HERE to
tour the 1st class dining room

Click HERE to see the Dining Room flooding.


Seating 554 people, the 1st class dining saloon was the largest room on the ship. It had lush green chairs, gorgeous windows, and excellent woodworking on the walls. It was three stories high and had stewards everywhere. You only had to wait the maximum of ten minutes. As selected, you got to be seated with a fellow passengers. Imagine hearing the clinking of dishes and the muffled voices, smelling the best food possible during that time, feeling the soft smooth napkins, hearing the faint music of the band in the background, and having an interesting conversation with Astors or maybe the Strausses. Imagine also when the TITANIC sank, and the forks, spoons, knives, dishes, falling off the tables as the chairs were picked up by freezing cold water. In 2001, they went inside the ship and when they stopped by the dining saloon, the found, completely intact windows not broken by the water pressure and the faint details of woodworking.


The 2nd class dining saloon wasn't as elegant but it did have oak paneling, linoleum floors (new and expensive back then) and a piano where children whom knew how to play
would entertain the younger children. The 2nd class dining saloon instead of separate table there was long tables but there was still room to move about. The sinking of the 2nd class dining room was much like the 1st class one but we don't know what it looks like today.


The 3rd class dining saloon had long tables just like 2nd class and had pine walls and there were really no manners at the tables. The food still was good to 3rd class
and the conversations were lively. The 3rd class dining saloon was one of the first rooms to flood but might be like 2nd class. In the 3rd and 2nd class wreck, I think that the long tables are still bolted down and the swivel chairs are still there.

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