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Friday, March 14, 2008

The Escapade

3rd class was at the very bottom of the ship and was segregated from 2nd and 1st class.
In order to escape waters in the bow, you had to either run through corridors to the deck and then try get to the higher decks. Or the other way would be to go up stairs next to the 3rd class kitchen which would lead you to 2nd class and then you would need to find the deck. If your cabin was in the stern, you would need to get to the General
Room, get to the poop deck, and then go up 3 decks to get to the top deck. If you were
in 3rd class, it was not as easy as you would think. Most of the gates which were used
in segregating 3rd class and the rest of the ship were locked. Because many didn't know the design plans of the ship, most died standing there waiting for someone to unlock the gates. Also, a disadvantage was that some didn't understand a word of english so they couldn't understand directions. You also had to battle open doors that
wouldn't close, luggage and other things floating out of the cabins, and other people in those narrow passageways. Today, the gates are still locked as if just closed. For more info, go to my post called "Poor 3rd class".


Sarah said...

I wish you ahd provided you research on this section. I have been doing a lot of research as to whether or not the Titanic had gates, like the popular movie presents, and though it was regulation to seperate immigrants from the rest of the ship, many of the gates were waist high, stuff you could climb over in an emergency, not the tall gates featured in pop culture references. If you site your sources, this could be a valuable research tool.

Southern Belle said...

Thank you for being honest. I'll try and do my best. When someone went into the ship, they found a gate still there somewhere around the Post Office. Daniel Buckley talked about gates and how they had to break through the gates after a steward locked it. If they were wait high, the passengers would just climb over the rail. Hope this helps.