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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lucian Smith

Lucian Smith Jr.

Lucian Phillip Smith was born on August 14, 1887 in Morgantown West Virginia. He went to West Virginia University where he met Mary Eloise whom was a class mate. They later became soul mates on February 8, 1912. By that time, his wealthy uncle had died and he had a huge estate in Pennsylvania but he visited that place rarely because he grew up in the other house in Morgantown.

For their honeymoon, they went to Egypt, the Far East, and Paris. They were traveling home on the TITANIC and it was April 14, 1912. Mary Smith had gone to bed saying that she was not feeling well. Lucian, Alfred Omont, Paul Chevre, Pierre Mareclal, and other men were playing a card game of bridge in the Cafe Perisien when they heard this scraping noise and groan. All went up on deck and Lucian said "My God, we've struck an iceberg!" and sure enough, there was the iceberg looming on the horizon behind them. Lucian somehow found out that they were sinking and went to wake his wife. She put on warm clothing, her favorite ring, and went out on the Boat Deck. When Mary asked "Do I have to go in?" and Lucian said "I never expected to ask you to obey, but this is one time you must. It is only a matter of form to have women and children first. The ship is thoroughly equipped and everyone on her will be saved." With a long kiss, they parted and she got into the boat. Lucian called "Put your hands into your pockets and keep warm!" That was the last time that they saw each other.

She returned to her family until she married Robert Daniel whom was in the same boat as her. One week after the TITANIC disaster, she saw in a newspaper article that she was two months pregnant and she didn't know! The baby was born on December 29, 1912.

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