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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Iceberg right ahead !

The iceberg that the TITANIC struck was a part of an ice flow drifting south from Greenland. It was uncommon to see ice in April and many ships had to stop a few times to avoid hitting icebergs. As ice traveled south, they melt. Some icebergs are so big, that most of the ice is underwater. The biggest recorded iceberg was as high as a 55 story building! One was measured as almost 400 feet above the surface of the waters. Ice has been seen as a potential threat to some ships since the TITANIC and ice damage to other vessels. In memory of the TITANIC, the government has made the International Ice Patrol which warns ships ahead of time if they are in a course for a threatening iceberg. In the iceberg seen above, there was red and black paint and pieces of metal which was found in the berg. The Arizona
crashed into an iceberg a short time afterward and it's bow was ripped off completely but luckily, no one was hurt. When the TITANIC struck the berg, it made small holes which allowed the water to flood in. Today, ice is very good for the enviroment. They have served as home for creatures, they help purify the air, and they make the sea a more beautiful place.

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