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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What would have happened?

Here is what might have happened if the TITANIC had not sunk:

The TITANIC would have gone into military service during WWI and would have either become a troop ship (like the Olympic) or had her fittings taken out and become a hospital ship (like the Britannic). After the war, she would resume as a passenger ship. She would have been scrapped after the Cunard merged with the White Star Line.

Joseph Bruce Ismay
Ismay would have been chairman until he retired at an old age. He died in 1937.

Thomas Andrews
Andrews would have gone on as chief designer for the White Star Line and would have become chairman of the Harland and Wolff ship-yards after his uncle Lord Pierrie died.

Captain Edward John Smith
Smith would have finished his career and retired after the TITANIC's maiden voyage.

1st officer William Murdoch
Murdoch would have soon been Captain of some other ship and had a nice career such as Capt. Smith.

Jack Phillips
Phillips would have gone into service during WWI on one of the Royal Naval Ships as wireless operator. He would have more than likely spent the rest of his days in Ireland.

The White Star Line
White Star would have not lost regular travelers that usually booked passage on the White Star Line ships. They would have probably gone out of business anyway.

The Steerage/3rd class would have left the ship in the New World and many would have prospered.

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