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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

R.M.S. TITANIC vs. Titanic Movie

Here are just a few differences between the movie Titanic of 1997 and the real TITANIC:

1. The Grand Staircase:
The movie made the Grand Staircase almost perfectly except for the lower banister which was made bigger. In the real TITANIC, two people could barely go up it side by side. The movie made the dome above it collapse when all of my calculations say that the water met the dome inside at the same time the water met it outside. Plus, I don't think that the windows imploded until the ship reached the bottom.

2. The Dining Room:
The movie made the set smaller than the actual ship. The real TITANIC could support up to 554 passengers in the Dining Room. No glass was broken because when researchers went into the Dining Room, the windows were there in almost perfect condition.

3. Rose/Straus Suite:
In the movie, they added an extra room which contained a safe. In the real TITANIC, the Straus Suite had two bedrooms (like in the movie), a private bathroom, a sitting room (like in the movie), and a privately enclosed 50 foot long promenade deck. Instead of a Pablo Picasso painting, there was a mirror (Pablo was not as popular back then and his work was not widely distributed).

4. Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater
There is a J. Dawson but he was actually named James Dawson and he was a lamp trimmer and stoker. There was no Rose Bukater on the TITANIC.

5. The Heart of the Ocean
There is and was no Heart of the Ocean. There is however a Hope Diamond which looks very similar. It now rests in the Smithsonian and is said to be cursed.

6. The 1st class Smoking Room:
The Smoking Room was almost perfect in the movie except for the fact that the painting in the movie was of the entrance to New York instead of the entrance into Plymouth Harbor.

7. Passengers and Crew's Deaths:
There were many inaccurate deaths in the movie like John Jacob Asto8 of which is seen in the movie as being in the Grand Staircase when it sank but the real Astor was crushed by the forward funnel. The Strauses were depicted comforting each-other in bed as water swirled into their cabin but they actually sat in two deck chairs (Mr. Straus's body was later recovered). 1st officer Murdoch was shown in the movie shooting himself but all who knew him said he didn't and they have only two accounts and they could be of another officer (Murdoch's body was never recovered). It is unknown what happened to Captain Smith. The movie shows him in the bridge until the end and there are some accounts of him going into the bridge. However, some say that they saw Captain Smith in the water with a lifejacket on. It is unknown what also happened to Chief Officer Wilde of whom was depicted in the movie as the one in the water blowing a whistle.


Anonymous said...

first of all i read alot and you should know there was a rose dewit bukater, i should know, james dawson was my great grandmothers boyfriend. ofcourse my great grandmother is rose dewit bukater!

Southern Belle said...

There was no Rose Dewitt Bukatter! There is no record of such a person on the Titanic, and if there was such a woman, she wouldn't be in love with James Dawson, who never went on the top decks, unless to report something, or for an emergency. The only time James Dawson was on deck, was when the water forced him to go up on the top decks. I ask you to show me one shred of evidence that Rose Dewitt Bukater was on the Titanic. Until then, Rose remains a fictional fairytale.

Anonymous said...

first of all you should know that "alot" is spelled " A LOT"..secondly..here is a list of everyone on the titanic..i don't see her.