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Saturday, February 2, 2008

1st class smoking room

Here is the only known remains of the Smoking Room.

This is the only known photograph of the room.

This is the Olympic's 1st class Smoking Room, but it's exactly like the Titanic except for the painting, which is of the entrance to New York. The one on the Titanic, is of the entrance to Plymouth Harbor.

The room was Georgian style and was situated for men only. It had mahogany wall paneling and had many stained glass windows which I think made it look like cathedral. It was towards the back and had a marble fireplace. It had a painting by Norman Wilkinson called, "Approaching the New World" which was of the entrance to Plymouth Harbor but the movies made it look like New York. During the sinking, Thomas Andrews and William T. Stead were last seen in that room. The smoking room is believed by some accounts of the sinking to have seen a light after the lights went out and it is believed to have been the fireplace in the smoking room. The TITANIC broke up above the surface and the smoking room fell out of the ship, broke apart, and sank. There is, however pieces of floor tile that was found.

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