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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


A Mummy on board- There was no mummy with a curse on board. That story is false. It was started by William T. Stead whom was talking of his interest in Amen Ra however the people that heard him started a rumor that the mummy had a curse and that it sank the TITANIC.

A worker switched the OLYMPIC and TITANIC name plates during construction- That was completely false. That legend was started by workers thinking they would stir up trouble but it was unbelieved until this present day when the myth was aroused by records and now that lie is spreading the most.

Bodies used as fuel- That myth is utterly ridiculous. There was a coal shortage but during the Edwardian age, people would have died rather than used bodies as fuel. The myth was probably started by news papers that were thinking about the mummies used as fuel during the 1800s.

Worker trapped in the hull- This myth was started by workers at pubs for jokes and these were told to family which were passed down.

The registration number said no pope- That is more than likely a myth because this letter is of coincidence.

Men dressed as women- There was only one, Daniel, that admitted that Mrs. Astor threw her shawl over him but no others as far as we know.

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