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Monday, February 4, 2008

Titanic Bridge

Click HERE to explore the TITANIC's Bridge

This is the bridge of the Olympic but the TITANIC's was similar.

Wheelhouse Today

The wheelhouse was very nice with windows surrounding you and the sea air coming through the open doorway. There were telegraphs where you could contact the engine rooms and also, you could close the watertight doors when needed. There was also a room inside where there was windows to look out and another wheel so that you could drive the ship in cold weather. There was also a second bridge on the stern where the bridge in front would communicate and where the ship would be driven in case something went wrong in front. The officers took shifts to give one another a rest. One of the few telephones on board was there to communicate with the crow's nest when they spotted something dangerous. The wheelhouse was made of all pine wood and wires and was one of the most difficult rooms to build. During the sinking, the forward funnel collapsed crushing the bridge and whomever was in it. Today, there is a telemotor gleaming as if brand new where the wheel used to be on top of it. It is the place where the most commemorative plaques are.

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