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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Debris Field

As the TITANIC sank, it broke between the 3rd and 4th funnel and spilled tons of bowls, dishes, and objects that were in the stern. Here are some of those things:

this top hat would have fallen from someone in the water

This bag would have belonged to the purser and is filled with valuables.

This is the very bell that was rung when the two lookouts spotted the iceberg!

These whistles would have fallen off one of the smokestacks

Thousands of dishes litter the sea bed. The image above is of dishes that would not be seen if the crate
or cabinet had not rotted away.

In the image above, you might be able to recognize a head board to a first class cabin, a wine bottle still sealed with a cork, and other things

Around 40 tons of coal fell out of the ship


This would have been the arm rest to one of the benches on the poop deck


Spencer said...

Hi there! You've put together quite a wonderful blog; thank you for sharing! I noticed that you borrowed your coal picture from my website, onlinetitanicmuseum.com. Perhaps you would be willing to put a link to my site on your blog in return?

Southern Belle said...

Sure thing. Thank you for your kind words.