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Friday, February 8, 2008

Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff Gordon

Sir Cosmo Edmond Duff Gordon became the owner of a huge estate. The Gordons became lords because his great-grandfather was a war hero in the Penisular War.

Lucy Christina Sutherland grew up as a tomboy on her father's farm but slowly she was broken in by her mother. She later married James Wallace in 1888 but divorced shortly after. Left without a penny to her name, she borrowed money and opened a clothing store in London called Maison Lucile. She became very successful and even made underwear for Her Majesty, Queen Mary. The two met when Sir Cosmo had a suit made for him. They were wed happily in 1894.

They were going on the TITANIC because of some private yet urgent business in New York. They had two cabins and Sir Cosmo slept in A-20 and Lady Lucy slept in A-16. They were the some of the first ones off and were on Boat No. 7 which was only 1/5 full.

It was later said that Sir Cosmo bribed the crewman in charge of the boat to not return and pick up passengers from the water. However, at the senate inquiry, Sir Cosmo claimed to have given some money to crewmembers who told him that they had lost everything and their pay with the sinking of the ship.

Sir Cosmo died a scapegoat on April 20, 1930. Lady Duff Gordon wrote a book trying to clear her husband's name after his death claiming that they couldn't hear the people in the water but all other accounts from that boat say that they heard it.
Lady Duff Gordon died on April 20, 1935.

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