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Friday, February 1, 2008

Eva Hart

Eva Hart was born on Tuesday, January 31, 1905. Her father in one night decided to sell his business and go to Canada. They was going to Winnipeg, Mantobia on the R.M.S. Titanic. Eva Hart described what it was like on the ship for her in this interview:

"I was 7, I had never seen a ship before... it looked very big...everybody was very excited, we went down to the cabin and that's when my mother said to my father that she had made up her mind quite firmly that she would not go to bed in that ship, she would sit up at night... she decided that she wouldn't go to bed at night, and she didn't!"

Throughout the voyage Eva's mother was troubled by a fear that some kind of catastrophe would hit thew ship. To call a ship unsinkable was, to her mind, flying in the face of God.

"My father was so excited about it and my mother was so upset... The first time in my life I saw her crying... she was so desperately unhappy about the prospect of going, she had this premonition, a most unusual thing for her... "

It was on the night April 14, when her mother heard a commotion. She asked her husband to go up and see what was the matter. However, she knew pretty much what was happening. She woke Eva up. She told her to get up and get dressed. Eva just buried herself deeper under her covers and said, "No". Then her father returned and put a coat on her mother. He then wrapped her in a blanket and took her out of the cabin on E Deck. As they were leaving, Eva told her father that she wanted her teddy bear which was almost as big as she was. Her father just kept going. They reached the Boat Deck. He placed her down on the deck and told she and her mother to stay there while he went to find out what the matter was. He later returned saying that they had struck an iceberg, but then explained that the ship was unsinkable due to her compartments. He went away again, and said that they were to launch the lifeboats but that they would be back in time for breakfast. Her father took her and her mother to boat 14.

"I saw that ship sink," she said in a 1993 interview. "I never closed my eyes. I didn't sleep at all. I saw it, I heard it, and nobody could possibly forget it." "I can remember the colors, the sounds, everything," she said. "The worst thing I can remember are the screams." And then the silence that followed. "It seemed as if once everybody had gone, drowned, finished, the whole world was standing still. There was nothing, just this deathly, terrible silence in the dark night with the stars overhead."

She later became a magistrate in England and a singer in Australia. She died on Wednesday, February 14, 1996.

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Baumkuchen said...

this is really interesting,
a really real story.
The teddy bear is gone with so many souls.
And just the stars still know it.
Eveline Reinke