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Monday, July 28, 2008

Know Your Stuff! 3

1. Who is the most famous TITANIC artist today in "The TITANIC Artist"?

A. Robert Ballard

B. Ken Marshall

C. Jean Lafitte

2. The TITANIC's dome broke like in the movie in "Wrong Ideas"?

A. True

B. False

3. Why did the TITANIC fire rockets in "Distress Rockets"?

A. For a party

B. To alert other ships of the ice

C. To alert other ships that they were sinking.

4. In the "Veranda Cafe", who made friends on the night of the sinking?

A. Mrs. Churchill Candee and Archibald Gracie

B. Jack Thayer and Milton Long

C. Mr. Widener and Mr. Strauss

5. In "It Happened in 1912", which of these actually did happen in 1912?

A. Taft becomes president

B. Lincoln is shot

3. Teddy Roosevelt becomes president

6. In "Jock Hume", who was the band-leader?

A. Jock Hume

B. Wallace Hartley

C. Thomas Andrews

7. In "A Communication from across the Sea", what was the name of the prayer in Mrs. Gracie's prayer book that she used that night?

A. For those at Sea

B. Nearer my God to Thee

C. He gave his life for a friend

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