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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Veranda Cafe

This image was later considered haunting by survivors.

Located just off the Perisian Cafe near the stern, the Veranda Cafe had a bit more room and was more airy than the Perisian but the Perisian was a little bit more beautiful. Many passengers remembered playing there or having tea there for lunch. Like the Perisian, there was real ivy growing up the walls. There was bronze windows nearly 7 feet tall! Also, there were real palm trees which another name for the room is the Palm Court. And there was very nice, almost high-backed arm chairs. Not many people know this but there was actually two identical Verandas on both sides of the ship. It was here that Milton Long had possibly met Jack Thayer in their epic and very short friendship. When the TITANIC sank, the Verandas more than likely did fine, but collapsed and were destroyed when the when the stern of the ship imploded. Nothing but some photographs and that little piece of a window above remains as far as we know.

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The Skipper said...

You mentioned that the Veranda Café was located "just off the Perisian Café [actually spelled Parisian] near the stern"
The Veranda Café and the Parisian Café were on 2 separate decks. The Veranda was A Deck and Parisian was on B Deck.