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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boarding the TITANIC

1st class entry doors

2nd class entrance and stairway

3rd class entryway

One of the ship's huge side doors

There were several doors on each side of the ship and each class had it's own way of boarding. When 1st class boarded,They would come into a room with beautiful hite paneling and then go through a set of exquisitely carved doors into a beautiful room with white paneling and ornately carved ceiling. You then are greeted by a steward or stewardess and are escorted to your room. In 2nd class, you would have entered into a stairway with beautiful oak banisters and lovely oak paneling with windows that made the room look nice and bright. Then, you would have to find a steward or stewardess to escort you and carry your luggage. In 3rd class, you would enter through the lowest gangway and see a room with white metal and wooden deck floors with also teak strips on the walls. In front of you is three stairs leading downward with metal deck railings and wooden deck stairs. These passengers boarded in elegance all in their own eyes. 1st class expected the elegant furnishings and lovely oak. Some 2nd class probably thought that it was too grand for them seeing as though their surroundings were 1st class on any other ordinary ship. 3rd class probably had never seen such elegance in their section and would have gazed at 2nd class and would have marveled at 1st class.

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