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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my little brother today on June 29. He is 13 years old and loves the Britannic. In fact, he has a huge lego model of it in his room on display. He loves the Georgia Bulldogs, Texas Longhorns, and Green Bay Packers in football. He is a hard worker, the comedian of the family, and has a servant's heart and we are all proud of him.

The Squash Court

The Squash Court was for 1st class only as was much of the ship. Squash is actually like tennis except it happens in a rectangular room with no-one else in it except for the two players and it only goes up to 9 points according to the rules. It costed two shillings/$10 to play. Jack Thayer remembered playing it. Also, Archibald Gracie when he realized he needed to get in shape. R. Norris Williams a world famous tennis player probably played as well. It was one of the first rooms flooded so it probably just filled up not causing any panic, alarm, nor did they suspect that the ship was sinking because no-one was there due to it being locked. It remains in the wreck today unseen in over 96 years.

Lifejacket Sells for $68,000

NEW YORK (Reuters) - An unused life jacket from the doomed Titanic ship sold for $68,500 in New York on Wednesday, Christie's auction house said.

The cork-filled life preserver -- still largely intact, but stained and torn in parts -- was thought to have been found by farmer John James Dunbar on the Halifax shoreline after the passenger ship sank off Newfoundland in April, 1912.

The liner sank during its maiden voyage from the British port of Southampton to New York when it hit an iceberg, causing some 1,500 people to die.

Christie's, which estimated that the life preserver would sell for $60,000 to $80,000, sold another Titanic life jacket last year in London for $119,000.

Maritime specialist Gregg Dietrich said the jacket -- believed to be one of six remaining -- appeared to have been unused because the shoulder straps were still intact. Titanic passengers tended to have had their life preservers cut off to ease removal from their damaged skin.

Dietrich said that the cork filling the jackets was so heavy that many of the survivors and victims of Titanic were found to have broken their jaws on them when they hit the water after jumping from the ship.

(Reporting by Michelle Nichols, Editing by Anthony Boadle)

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Mail Room

The Mail-Room was filled with over 7 million pieces of mail. All that mail filled the shelves and 3,423 sacks of mail. There was 5 post-masters named Oscar Scott Woody, John Star March, William Logan Gwinn, James Bertram Williamson, and John Richard Jago Smith. The Mail-room was located on G-Deck on the Port-Bow side. When the TITANIC struck an iceberg, the Mail-Room almost immediately filled with water. The Post-Masters almost immediately began to carry the bags to the upper decks. By the time they had almost met their fate, they had brought an estimated 200 bags to the upper decks. One eyewitness named Albert Theissinger said "I urged them to leave their work. They shook their heads and continued at their work. It might have been an inrush of water later that cut off their escape, or it may have been the explosion. I saw them no more." Those men were some of the first to die on the TITANIC. They have a memorial in the Smithsonian Institute with beautiful paintings of them. Their bodies were never found. The mail was thought to be lost for years but now, there may be parcels still in the bowels of the ship. First of all, there was a bag filled with not only jewelry and gold, but also bank-notes (English checks)that still had ink and was visible. Secondly, on the Empress of Ireland, there was a clearly visible newspaper from the day it sank. Hopefully, there will be a recovery expedition to find the mail and send the mail to the persons or family of those of whom the letters are sent.

Scuba Diving to the TITANIC ?

It is virtually impossible to dive to the TITANIC with modern day scuba gear. Submarines are the only means of transportation to the great ship. The reason that the scuba gear will not work is because of the pressure. The pressure is so great, that if there was a leak in the submarine, it would be powerful enough to slice a human body in half. The submarines used to go to that extremities are very few and most of them are either owned by the US Navy or oceanic researchers. This summary also tells you that it's amazing that all those artifacts have survived the pressure for 96 years at the bottom of the ocean. There's glass plates and bottles with corks still sealed and even a crystal glass bottle with the White Star Line insignia still engraved into there. Maybe in the future, we'll have that technology but I fear there will be nothing left by the time they come up with that. My reason is because it takes a very-very-very experienced diver to go to the wrecks of the Andrea Doria or even the Britannic. Maybe it's best that no-one is able to scuba dive to the TITANIC because that would cause more looting, damage to the ship, and possibly more lives due to the unstableness and dark twisted tunnels and caverns in what once was beautiful, large, and airy rooms.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The 1st class Reading and Writing Room

The Reading and Writing Room was almost removed to make room for more 1st class cabins but it was finally decided to put it in. It had white paneling on the walls and there was beautiful designs on the ceiling. The lighting was good as the sun's rays flooded the room through the bay window on the port side with elegant velvet curtains. It was just behind the lounge on A-Deck and it was used by mostly women. While most men were in the 1st class Smoking Room which was only for men, the women would sit in the Reading and Writing room while reading a book, chatting, or sipping a drink such as hot tea or coffee. Women often wrote telegrams or letters to friends and family to tell them of the voyage.

When the TITANIC sank, the Reading and Writing room was closed. It now remains either unexplored or broken from when the TITANIC broke apart and the deck above collapsed. There is however, a yellow sofa and a pink/red chair from the Reading and Writing room found on the beaches of Newfoundland which indicates that someone must have broken in the room and thrown some of the furniture into the ocean so that they could use them as rafts or floating devices.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Review on Ghosts of the Abyss

Ghosts of the Abyss was filmed ironically in September of 2001 and in fact was still at sea during 9/11. The movie is great to watch for the whole family. The only trouble is that Bill Paxton uses swear words a little bit and the ghosts may give the little ones bad dreams. The movie basically takes you to the TITANIC and you're able to see what the Reception Room, Ismay Suite, and other things inside the TITANIC that have not been seen since April 14/15, 1912. The ghosts are basically just images that walk down the decks or look at a mirror or other things to show you a comparison of what the ship looked like then and now. It stars Bill Paxton, James Cameron (whom directed the famed blockbuster film TITANIC), and Ken Marschall taking these two robots and exploring places that no-one else has seen in over 96 years. What's really cool is that in the end, one of the bots' string gets severed and they show you it getting rescued. There's so much seen in there like these windows in the Reception Room, the A-Deck sign, wooden and brass beds, the remains of tables, medicine bottles, a cup where someone had last left it, and other spectacular things.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The 2nd Class Smoke Room

The 2nd class Smoke Room was just below the Library on B Deck. It had green leather seats and oak paneling. There was also linoleum tile floor which was new during that time. The Smoke Room was strictly men only because it was considered improper for women to smoke in public during the time where ladies were treated with the upmost respect and men always acted respectable. Men usually sat at one of the tables playing cards while smoking a cigar or having a drink (like brandy, rum, or whiskey). There was a bar in the starboard-aft corner and a lavy in the port-aft corner. The Smoke Room was located between the 2nd class stairway and the 1st class A La Carta Restaurant. As you came in, there would be a platform that you're standing on. You would be in a huge room with a little bit of smoke in the air. There would have probably been windows with an ocean view. There would be small square tables with men talking over them in high back arm chairs. The Smoke Room today remains unexplored so it either fell out of the stern when the TITANIC broke in two or remains there unseen in over 96 years.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The 1st class Reception Room

At the fifth level of the Grand Staircase, the Reception Room was a masterpiece of itself. Many passengers remembered eating there for any meal. It was also nice just to sit there and talk with the brightly lit room and white paneling. The wicker chairs with soft velvet padding. The Grand Staircase was the centerpiece with elegant oak railings, intricate balustrades, a wonderful painting at the landing, and a gigantic gold candle-holder. The windows were beautiful with blue stain around the beautiful windows. There was beautiful carpet as well. When the TITANIC sank, the room simply filled with water. However, the Grand Staircase and all five flights are missing. Almost everything recognizable to being the Reception Room is nearly gone. However, there are hints of white on some columns and window panes still intact.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

It Happened in 1912

In 1912, not only did the TITANIC sink on April 14, but other things happened like this:

1. On November 5, Woodrow Wilson won by a landslide against William Howard Taft in the presidential race.

2. On June 30, Emperor Meiji of Japan died.

3. Beginning on May 5, the Summer Olympics were played in Stockholm, Sweden.

4. On February 14, Arizona was established as the 48th state to join the Union.

5. On January 1, Chinese Republic was established.

6. On April 12, Clara Barton the founder of Red Cross and Civil War Heroine died.

Friday, June 13, 2008

A Disgrace

When Dr. Robert Ballard found the TITANIC in 1985, they left a plaque in memory of those who died. When he came back, he found that the plaque had been stolen. Doing this is the same as removing a tombstone and putting it on a mantle. Treasure hunters,
pirates, and tomb robbers have done this. Whoever did this, did it out of greed and no regard for those who died on board. I hope whoever did this despicable thing is disgraced forever.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sherlock Holmes

There is a Sherlock Holmes story called "New Year's Eve off of the Scilly Islands. The plot is where Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson try and stop an Arsonist. They track him on a ship called the Gigantic which is the original name of the TITANIC's sister ship renamed the Britannic. They talk about shipwrecks like the TITANIC. The reason for attempts to burn the the Gigantic is because it is carrying a bullion. Another ironic thing is that it happens on the New Year in 1912 and 1913 and the TITANIC sank on April 14, 1912 although Britannic sank in September of 1915. There's no murder, but attempted arson and sulfuric acid.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Overturned Collapsible

Collapsible B was one of the lifeboats on the TITANIC that was not supposed to be there. It was one of the four collapsibles that were located on the roof. There was two next to the forward funnel, and two next to the dummy funnel. The Board of Trade Regulations required the maximum of 20 lifeboats for a 10,000 ton steamed. Those rules were made however, when a 10,000 ton steamer was the largest ship afloat. But, the TITANIC was 46,328 tons. Lord Pierre the owner of the company that built her added 4 collapsible lifeboats to put the passenger's minds to ease a little bit.

When the TITANIC sank, they lowered all the lifeboats including collapsibles C and D which were near the stern. 2nd officer Lightoller was in charge of lowering Collapsible B and with the water coming nearer, he was in a hurry. They took oars and used them as a ramp. The lifeboat slid down the oars and in the process, flipped over. But, it was too late to do anything. The icy cold water came up and carried the lifeboat still upside-down off the ship. There, Harold Bride the junior wireless operator found himself clutching an oarlock and there, he found an air-pocket. There, men scrambled on the bottom of the overturned collapsible. They were in disarray and panic until 2nd officer Lightoller took over and kept them in an orderly manner and calm. A short time later, Harold Bride came to the surface but was forced to sit on the edge where his feet were dangling from the water. After a couple of hours, a lone figure appeared. It was Chief Baker Charles Joughin of whom was drunk which enabled him not to feel the cold. However, there was no room so he had to wait. Soon, one man died of exposure and Charles was allowed on. Eventually, the 27 men on Collapsible B were allowed access on Boat No.14 and Collapsible B was abandoned. Soon, Collapsible B was found a few weeks later by the Mackay Bennett. Collapsible B like all the other lifeboats, disappeared from all records.

Here is a list of those known to have been on Collapsible B:
Charles Lightoller
Harold Bride
Jack Phillips
Archibald Gracie
Charles Joughin
Patrick Daly
Arthur Dorking
Fredrick Allen
Algernon Barkworth
Isaac Maynard
Victor Sunderland
Albert Moss
William Mellors
Patrick O'Keefe

The Veranda Cafe

This image was later considered haunting by survivors.

Located just off the Perisian Cafe near the stern, the Veranda Cafe had a bit more room and was more airy than the Perisian but the Perisian was a little bit more beautiful. Many passengers remembered playing there or having tea there for lunch. Like the Perisian, there was real ivy growing up the walls. There was bronze windows nearly 7 feet tall! Also, there were real palm trees which another name for the room is the Palm Court. And there was very nice, almost high-backed arm chairs. Not many people know this but there was actually two identical Verandas on both sides of the ship. It was here that Milton Long had possibly met Jack Thayer in their epic and very short friendship. When the TITANIC sank, the Verandas more than likely did fine, but collapsed and were destroyed when the when the stern of the ship imploded. Nothing but some photographs and that little piece of a window above remains as far as we know.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Forward Funnel Collapse

For a long time, it's been thought that the forward funnel fell forward like in the movie. However, if it did, the whole wheelhouse would collapse and there would be nothing left. But there is a bottom outline plus a telemotor which would have been destroyed if the funnel fell on top of it. Plus, if the funnel fell forward, there would be damage on the Cargo Deck and/or Forcastle Deck. There is damage on both sides of the hull but the starboard side has damage on the top decks where you can see the trail of damage almost distinctly clear as you observe the collapsed roofs and decks. When the forward funnel fell, it killed many already in the water like John Jacob Astor (the richest man on boarded), R. Norris Williams' father, the Natravil children's father, and many other men.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Passenger Superstitions

Many passengers on board were cautious and had bad feelings about the ship. Eva Hart's mother stayed up all night expecting something to happen yet slept during the day. When Molly Brown had a maid put a white star line symbol in her hat and just before she walked out, it fell out of her hat and it broke. After Jack Thayer saw a near collision with another ship called the New York, a man behind him shook his head saying "That's a bad omen". Emily Ryerson wouldn't come out of her cabin fearing something terrible would happen and was coaxed out of her room only twice. There was also one woman who's name I cannot place. She was a successful author and on the TITANIC's last sunset, she went to the bow and felt all this power and might of the ship and then it was gone in an instant and she felt somewhat dark inside. It was easy to think that the TITANIC was safe and secure but some had other ideas. There are probably more stories untold that will remain untold forever but the ones told of today are to be remembered and not forgotten at any time.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boarding the TITANIC

1st class entry doors

2nd class entrance and stairway

3rd class entryway

One of the ship's huge side doors

There were several doors on each side of the ship and each class had it's own way of boarding. When 1st class boarded,They would come into a room with beautiful hite paneling and then go through a set of exquisitely carved doors into a beautiful room with white paneling and ornately carved ceiling. You then are greeted by a steward or stewardess and are escorted to your room. In 2nd class, you would have entered into a stairway with beautiful oak banisters and lovely oak paneling with windows that made the room look nice and bright. Then, you would have to find a steward or stewardess to escort you and carry your luggage. In 3rd class, you would enter through the lowest gangway and see a room with white metal and wooden deck floors with also teak strips on the walls. In front of you is three stairs leading downward with metal deck railings and wooden deck stairs. These passengers boarded in elegance all in their own eyes. 1st class expected the elegant furnishings and lovely oak. Some 2nd class probably thought that it was too grand for them seeing as though their surroundings were 1st class on any other ordinary ship. 3rd class probably had never seen such elegance in their section and would have gazed at 2nd class and would have marveled at 1st class.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Needed Advice

Dear Reader,
We are planning on a trip to Washington D.C. and I'm wondering if it has an exhibit on the TITANIC with any original documents or pictures of the magnificent liner. In my research, I was only able to find out that the Smithsonian has 4 paintings of the post masters on board all of whom died.

I am welcome to any suggestion about what's there.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Beginning of my Interests

My interests began at Easter when my mother said it was a TITANIC Sunday. Then, I began asking what the TITANIC was and all about it. Soon, I was studying the TITANIC in earnest. I then wrote reports for a book that I was doing on the TITANIC most of which are in this blog. However, some biographies that I wrote have been lost. Then, Mom started giving me books for Christmases and birthdays. Now I have a nice sized library of which I go to when doing a biography or report on a part of the ship. I LOVE getting online and watching the movie "A Night to Remember" or going to my TITANIC Library and reading it. Earlier this year, I begged Mom and Dad and they gave me permission to do the TITANIC GAZETTE. Here, I am able to share with you the lives and not widely known stories about the people and the ship. Someday, I hope to become a TITANIC Expert for someone like TITANIC Inc.